Kidney Education

Finding out your kidneys don’t work well is scary.  You can live well with kidney failure IF you:

  • Stay positive
  • Find support
  • Learn all you can
  • Take action in your health and treatment

The non-profit MEI can help you learn to manage and improve your health.  Our free and low-cost info can guide you in your kidney journey. 

Dialysis Choice

Your best chance to live well on dialysis is to choose a treatment option that fits YOUR life and values. These two resources can help:

My Life, My Dialysis Choice

My Life, My Dialysis Choice

Feel your best and live as fully as possible.  This FREE treatment matcher has helped thousands of people to make choices out of HOPE—not fear.

Help, I Need Dialysis!

Help, I Need Dialysis! Book

Learn details of how to cope with kidney failure.  Your job in your care.  Kidneys and disease symptoms.  How dialysis works—and how each type of treatment may affect your day to day life. 

Living Well on Dialysis

You may know someone who had kidney disease and did not do well.  You are you—and your path can be different.

Life Options

Learn about chronic kidney disease, symptoms, risk factors, and treatments for kidney failure.

Life Options

Kidney School

You are never alone.  Visit these 16 modules day or night.  Learn how to manage kidney treatment, set life goals, and work with your care team.

Kidney School

Home Dialysis

Choosing a home treatment can put you back in control of your health and your life.

Home Dialysis Central

Home Dialysis Central

Learn about peritoneal dialysis and all of the forms of home hemodialysis.

Life@Home Articles

Get answers to questions about home dialysis, paying for treatment, safety, and much more. 

Korshield is providing the information above as a service to anyone dealing with kidney disease. Korshield is not associated with MEI Research in any way other than we think they provide useful information to patients and families. Korshield does not receive any compensation from MEI Research.