“Your package arrived by Canada Post today with no fuss or extra charges.  Thank you for sending it to me. I use the one you sent me originally and it works well. It’s a treat to be able to shower again.”


“I am the companion/best friend of a dialysis patient, who recently purchased a Korshield. Both of us are over joyed by the product. We took it to the dialysis unit and showed it around to patients and staff so many were impressed. After using it Sharon is so happy first real shower in 3 months.

I would like to know if there is some promotional flyers or info you can send the staff wants to supply 3 separate dialysis units with info for patients.

Thank you so very much!”


“My name is Larry LaPorte and in January 2010 I was told my kidneys were failing and I would need dialysis three times a week for the rest of my life. At that time, they inserted a perm cath in the right upper chest to perform the dialysis. I could not take a shower due to not getting the site wet related to infection control. Just soap, water and a wash cloth does not make me feel clean. While doing dialysis, I asked the nurse if there was a way to take a shower. She said there was the KORshield which I would wear while showering which would protect the perm cath site from getting wet.

The KORshield was developed by one of my Nephrologists, Adel Korkor, M.D. I was able to get the KORshield at my hospital pharmacy and began using it immediately. You do have to measure your neck because it has to fit tight so water can’t get to the perm cath. It works great and allows me to feel clean and refreshed. This is the greatest thing! I thank Dr. Korkor for his vision and concern for his dialysis patients.”

– Larry LaPorte

“Dialysis is like being on a roller coaster, your up and your down. And I’ve learned that you just have to take it as it comes. One day at a time. Being on dialysis is not easy. Its a way to stay alive. But its not easy.

I have a catheter on my right shoulder, and if you get it wet, its almost certain that if you get it wet, your gonna get an infection. And if you get the infection it means that instead of spending three hours on dialysis three times a week, you going to spend 4 or more times a week. It steals your time, and when you on dialysis time is very very important to you. Because you only get to live like every other day. It will be 17 years this November that I’ve been using dialysis to stay alive. And the KORshield has just, I can’t tell you in words I guess how exactly it has helped me. I really appreciate the KORshield. Because it has kept me dry and free of infection. I recommend it highly to anyone oh dialysis, and anyone who think that it might be helpful? Try it and you’ll find it very helpful.”

– Judi Mueller

“It was so invigorating to shower again!!”

– Catheter Patient